Trulli complex with lamia for sale, with olive grove - Ceglie Messapica

  • Trulli complex with lamia for sale in Puglia, Ceglie Messapica, Italy
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  €320.000,00 - Country Houses, Stone Villas, Trulli, Villas

Trulli property for sale in Puglia, Italy, located in the countryside of Ceglie Messapica, at short distance from the town and from both Ostuni and Francavilla Fontana.
The real estate is located in a nice and quiet area, immersed in the greenery of the apulian countryside. The property offers a building consisting of a trullo complex with a lamia, attached but not connected. The whole building offers 7 rooms in total, in very good structural conditions and ready to walk in, even though it would require heating system as there is no one in place.
The plot of land coming with the property extends for some 3 hectares (some 30.000 square meters) with olive grove, fruit trees fenced by a dry stone wall. Water supply is via a cistern, there is a pizza oven. It’s possible to put in a swimming pool up to 40 square meters, and to extend the building by the 20 per cent of the existing volume.

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